"Cry Gold. Sweat Diamonds. Bleed Neon. Be You."

SBS Custom was founded in 2017 on the East Coast. Our humble beginnings included hand painting custom: Louis Vuitton Bags, shoes, skateboards, apparel and the biggest canvases, we could get our hands on. We also launched our Sphynx Line, featuring various abstract cartoon prints, in the brightest colors possible. Sphynx has been featured in various fashion photo shoots and music videos. We love to support Indie Artists and are thankful for the love we get in return.


Our current line ranges from simple clean designs to abstract renditions of wildlife, with a fluffy cartoon or dark gritty twist.


Our footwear is a perfect partner for our apparel. Loud yet understated. High quality and custom made in Italy to support the day to day hustle. We want people to look down at their gear and get a bold reminder, “You got this.”


Our slogan is “Cry Gold, Sweat Diamonds, Bleed Neon, Be You." Our mission is to celebrate the hustle. Turn your tears into gold, they make you stronger. Celebrate the diamonds in your sweat, you are one day closer to reaching your goal. Enjoy the bright colorful electricity running through your veins, it’s what fuels you. Most importantly “Be You”. Be who you want to be, not whom they tell you to be.

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